Tips For Buying A Used Jogging Stroller

Today we have a guest post that is on a very relevant topic to parents interested in buying a quality used jogging stroller. You can get a great running stroller used but be sure you read these tips on making the best choice you can when looking online or in consignment stores.

Tips for buying a used jogging stroller

By Lydia Ortiz

Anyone who has bought any used item from the Internet knows that good deals are not always what they seem. Sellers may not post accurate pictures or may downplay defects. When it comes to buying a used stroller online, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a safe ride and not getting taken for a ride.

Savvy parents will set up a time with the seller to check out the stroller in person before committing to purchase. But how do you know what to look for? This expert checklist from Stroller Spa Austin, a full-service stroller repair and baby gear detailing service, can help you inspect any used jogger like a pro.

1) Tires – Flat tires are the most common repair on used jogging strollers. If you own a bike pump, bring it with you to the inspection. Are the tires holding air? If not, the tubes will need to be replaced. The cost of replacing an inner tube is typically about $15 per tire. You will want to negotiate the asking price down to account for this repair if it is needed.

2) Brakes – Check the brakes. Are they working? Now try them on a hill or sloped driveway. Do they still work? How easy or hard are they to engage? Broken brake cables can be replaced, but again, you’ll want to negotiate down the asking price of the stroller to account for this repair.

3) Straps & Buckles – Missing harness straps and broken buckles could be a deal breaker. A professional may be able to replace missing straps or broken buckles. If the broken straps are sewn to the stroller upholstery, you will have to replace the whole seat. Keep in mind, though, that not all stroller companies will sell replacement seats – especially for late model strollers.

4) Fabric – Is the fabric torn, ripped, moldy, or sun damaged? Minor fabric damage can be mended by hand or even repaired with a patch. Likewise, mold stains can be removed with intensive cleaning. Sun damage is irreversible, however.

5) Alignment – Check the wheel alignment of the stroller by lining up either one of the back wheels with a straight line (e.g. the line where the curb meets the road or a line of grout on a tiled floor). Push the stroller away from you. Does the stroller travel in a straight line? If not, the stroller may need an alignment.

6) Padding – Feel the stroller seat and headrest sandwiched between both of your hands. Is there padding missing? This is a common missing part and depending on the stroller brand it may or may not be replaceable.

7) Rust – Rust could interfere with your stroller’s performance, but a light amount of rust is easily removed with some elbow grease. You’ll want to inspect the entire stroller frame, even turning it upside down, to ensure that rust corrosion is minimal.

8) Screws – Look all around the stroller frame to make sure the upholstery is secured with screws or rivets. Take your time and don’t rush through this step. Are there screws missing? If you find missing screws, make sure you have them replaced before you hit the trail with your baby. The seat could come off of the frame if it is not secured properly with screws or rivets.

9) Recalls – Not every seller will know if their stroller has been subject to a recall. Ask them if they will give you the make, model, and serial number then check for recalls at

10) Accidents – Ask the seller if this stroller was ever in an accident. You might be surprised how frequently strollers get run over by their owner in home garages. Likewise, strollers can incur serious damage if they were stored in a car trunk during a collision.

Safety is paramount when buying any stroller, but it’s even more important with a used jogging stroller because your jogger will be expected to perform at higher speeds and travel over rougher terrain than regular strollers. So make sure to inspect that previously-loved jogger in person before buying it off the internet. Doing so will buy you some peace of mind when you place your precious cargo into the seat and hit the trail.

– Lydia Ortiz is the owner of Stroller Spa Austin, a full-service baby gear repair and detailing service.

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